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Prevent Copper Theft !!

In minutes, copper thieves will dismantle, destroy, or completely remove an entire A/C unit without your knowledge. CopperWatcher monitors the vulnerable connections exploited by thieves, and stops them at the first indication a theft is being perpetrated.

Made in America, the CopperWatcher is the only patented, false-alarm free, UL listed copper theft deterrent system.

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Preventing Copper Theft At Schools !!

With schools soon closing for spring break and summer vacation the Air Conditioning systems become extremely vulnerable to copper theft. Copper thieves can do thousands of dollars in damages in a very short time. A/C units located on the roof become prime targets for would-be thieves trying to score big as copper prices rise. Schools like yours and so many others have become the prime target for theft. Oklahoma City ISD became a victim of copper theft several years ago; their total loss was over $2.3 Million. CopperWatcher has been installed at all of the Oklahoma City ISD locations and to date not one A/C system has been stolen. In fact not one A/C system nationwide has been stolen with the CopperWatcher installed.